NSG is Different from Other Networks

Network Synergy Group is an innovative physical therapy management company, specializing in workers' compensation and group health insurance programs. NSG works with employers and providers to ensure appropriate and timely return to work outcomes for injured employees.

Vision: To establish accountability in the healthcare industry through a revolutionary change to the reimbursement model with an intense focus on results. NSG's Condition Rate Program reimburses a fixed dollar amount based on the clinical body part and diagnosis.

Our Condition Rate Program motivates the treating therapist to aggressively manage the patient's care, providing only medically necessary, outcome-based treatment.

Expectation: Empowered and proactive therapists who will actively manage each case based on the unique needs of each patient.

  • Determine and implement patient-specific frequency and duration.

  • Focus on functional progress.

  • Discontinue skilled therapy when no longer clinically indicated.

The Benefits of Participation

  • Referrals proactively directed to your facility

  • Maximize reimbursement through Pay-for-Performance fee structure

  • No authorization hassle – Referrals are authorized for treatment from initial evaluation through appropriate discharge

  • Prompt payment of full condition rate amount

  • No bad debt and no payer collection hassles

  • ‘Medical Necessity Review’ to support provider’s appropriate discharge

  • Ongoing training and support for network providers

  • Concurrent peer-to-peer utilization management

  • Functional outcomes and performance management reports 

For questions regarding network participation, reimbursement, the referral process or other issues please click here to email.

To submit a request to become a network provider, please click here and complete the required information.