Why Using a Clinical Approach Ensures Appropriate Treatment

It is important to each injured worker that they receive the right treatment as soon as the injury occurs to help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible. One of the ways that employers can help ensure that workers with injuries receive appropriate care is by partnering with physical therapy management companies who employ a clinical approach. READ MORE

WorkCompWire Interviews Pat Chavanu at RIMS 2014

During our time at RIMS 2014, we had Workers' Comp industry stakeholders participate in WorkCompWire's "4 For 14" series, focused on what to look for this year and in the future! Here's what Pat Chavanu, President of Network Synergy Group had to say. READ MORE

Network Synergy Group Data Shows that U.S. Employers Can Save Millions Through a More Comprehensive, Coordinated Approach Focused on Managing the Utilization of Physical Therapy Claims

TAMPA (April 28, 2014) -- Network Synergy Group, a national physical therapy management company, announced findings from an in-depth analysis of data showing that only 18% of workers' compensation claims incorporate comprehensively managed solutions for injuries requiring physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT). The company estimates that by utilizing networks that simply employ discounts, instead of a comprehensive and coordinated physical therapy management program, U.S. employers lost about $500 million in 2013 along. READ MORE

Ensuring That Treatment is Medically Necessary and In Line With Employer Goals

Not every injured worker is alike, so it is important that a unique treatment plan is created to meet each worker's needs and restore their physical functioning to the highest possible level. In today's increasingly complex healthcare industry, any treatment plan has a number of stakeholders: the patient is generally interested in feeling better, the employer has a need to know that the treatment is appropriate and timely, the provider wants to know that the quality of their care will be noticed and rewarded, and third-party payers are interested in low claims costs and robust employment outcomes. Assuring all parties involved that treatment was medically necessary is crucial to achieving these mutual goals. READ MORE.

Note from the President: Network Synergy Group Continues National Expansion

NSG is excited to announce further expansion of its Therapy Management Program to cover 41 states with further expansion to 48 states by yearend!    READ MORE about which states the NSG network now covers.


NSG Announces New Vice President of Client Services

NSG is pleased to announce that Tiffany Gay has joined the organization as the new Vice President of Client Services. Tiffany will be responsible for overseeing a department of account managers who manage current client relationships and continue to develop new savings opportunities for clients as the NSG platform expands to new states and offers new solutions.    READ MORE...



NSG Announces New Senior Vice President of Strategy & Technology

NSG is pleased to announce that Jeff Watrobsky has joined the organization as the new Senior Vice President of Strategy & Technology. Jeff will be responsible for overall strategy, marketing, and technology initiatives that will be key to ensuring NSG’s continued commitment to thinking differently about physical therapy management.    READ MORE...


Network Synergy Group Names Pat Chavanu as President

Network Synergy Group (NSG) announces Pat Chavanu as its new President. Pat Chavanu succeeds John Hanselman who, after six years with the company, is retiring. Prior to joining NSG, Chavanu served as the Chief Sales Officer at PMSI, Vice President of Sales and Account Management at Intracorp, and Regional Vice President at GENEX Services. He has an M.A. in Leadership from the University of Denver and a B.S. in Finance from the University of Nebraska.    READ MORE...






NSG Celebrates National Occupational Therapy Month

April is National Occupational Therapy Month – and NSG is celebrating! Though this profession promotes "living life to the fullest" all year long, April is when we pay special recognition and tribute to the profession, its practitioners and assistants. The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) also uses this month to help spread awareness of the benefits of occupational therapy and the life-changing results it can bring.    READ MORE...