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ENSURING CREDIBILITY in the healthcare industry

Our model is a win-win situation for patients, employers and providers.  

SIMPLIFYING physical therapy management

NSG coordinates and oversees patient care with less administrative hassle.  

FIXED financial exposure

NSG’s Condition Rate Program is based on a flat fee schedule, not a per visit rate.  


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NSG’s Provider webpages contain all of the information necessary to help our provider partners navigate through the processes associated with our therapy management programs. Log in now to access Provider Policies, manage Patient Records, view documents, and more.



Why Using a Clinical Approach Ensures Appropriate Treatment

It is important to each injured worker that they receive the right treatment as soon as the injury occurs to help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible. One of the ways that employers can help ensure that workers with injuries receive appropriate care is by partnering with physical therapy management companies who employ a clinical approach. READ MORE

WorkCompWire Interviews Pat Chavanu at RIMS 2014

During our time at RIMS 2014, we had Workers' Comp industry stakeholders participate in WorkCompWire's "4 For 14" series, focused on what to look for this year and in the future! Here's what Pat Chavanu, President of Network Synergy Group had to say.


Collaborative Physical Therapy Programs: Containing Employer Costs, Reducing Worker Absence

In the turbulent legislative environment of workers compensation regulation, many employers face difficulties determining the best practices for care while controlling costs. Numerous clinical studies and other forms of research have validated the significance of an effective PT program to help employers overcome today's challenges.

Despite the proven clinical value of PT, employers seeking to reduce costs most often focus on passively managed PT programs that simply apply discounts after treatment has occurred. However, according to a recent whitepaper released by Network Synergy Group, this provides to be a risky business strategy from both the employer and employee's perspective. READ MORE


network synergy: the right choice

Physical Therapy Management Solutions for Workers’ Compensation and Group Health

Network Synergy Group (NSG) is an innovative physical therapy management company that ensures accountability in the healthcare industry through its unique Condition Rate and Visit Rate reimbursement models, which align the proper incentives with the delivery of medical services.  Working closely with its client and therapy provider partners, NSG delivers superior treatment outcomes, high quality medical treatment, and premium customer service.




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NSG makes it easier to refer a patient for treatment through any of our therapy management programs. Select Enter a Referral now to start the scheduling process, and take advantage of additional client functionality and special features.